The Bicycle Record Bag is especially designed for transporting records on your bike.


The bag is handmade in luxurious leather and waterproof canvas, and it has room for 6-8 records. It has adjustable straps, and fits every size diamond frame bicycle. And even though it is designed for records it can also carry a bunch of other stuff - your laptop, tablet, documents etc.


Background / Philosophy


As a record dealer in Copenhagen – the city of cyclists – I have been looking for the perfect solution for carrying records around by bike. Regular record bags with shoulder straps are not ideal for bike rides, and plastic bags are in danger of getting stuck in the wheel, and damage the records – and the cyclist. Not to forget the pollution-issues with the many plastic bags being wasted everyday.


That’s why I came up with the idea for the Bicycle Record Bag. I found the inspiration from the old military diamond frame bags, that were used by soldiers more than a hundred years ago – but with a modern twist and designed to fit your 12” vinyl records.


I hope you will enjoy the bag as much as I do.


Nicolaj Rivier / Bicyclerecordbag




Info[at]bicyclerecordbag[dot]com (RIVIER/BRITZ) Lybækgade 8A, 4.tv 2300 Cph S Denmark VAT DK-35973699